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The Why?
The Challenge

If you would like to assist with the 365 1/4 Thankfulness Challenge, why not join in with us by reading the book and sending someone important to you a hand-written note telling them why you are thankful for them.

You may be wondering what persuaded me to write this book. The answer is quite simple. I was inspired by an unexpected shift in perspective that I was gifted from a homeless woman! I had recently had an unanticipated life experience and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't seem to pull myself out of the funk it put me in. The more I focused on it, the more I began to become unthankful. That changed when a woman inadvertently taught me how to "Sit for a Bit!"

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The How?

Read 365 1/4: A Thankfulness Project and send one of our hand crafted gratitude cards to someone you are thankful for and tell them why. In turn, challenge someone else via your social media platforms to read the book and do likewise.


“Just reading the book, it’s so beautiful Derek. I’ll be making my post next week to share on social media. So excited to share this gift to the world.” 


The Goal

Derek had two goals in mind when authoring 365 1/4: A Thankfulness Project. Firstly, he wanted to share these incredible women’s stories in hopes that one day they may help and empower others to intentionally choose to find the good located in all we have endured - inclusive of the infamous 2020 - by redirecting their focus to living a more grateful life. And just as important, he wanted others to reach out and remind the people in our lives why we are thankful for them.

The Cards

"During chemotherapy recovery, I took up a new hobby – making handmade cards. At that time, it helped me get through some difficult days. Today, I see a new purpose. What a gift it is to share a word of thanks with someone who means the world to us! I encourage you to take up the thankfulness challenge and share this incredible gift! My story is captured in chapter 6 'Who Dances Around'."

- Shawna Pake (Bird) -

Books and Personalized Gratitude Cards

365 1/4 A Thankfulness Project

Personalized Gratitude Cards

Don't Blame The Children

The Gift - "Sit for A Bit"

One cold winter day I decided to go to the mall for some much-needed retail therapy.

After about an hour of browsing, I realized I had become quite disinterested in that whole endeavor. So I sat down and did something I hadn't done in a long time, but totally enjoy doing—people watching.

As I scanned the crowd around me, I began to focus on the individuals and couples who looked the least happy. I thought that would make me happy, and just like my retail therapy, it did, for a while at least. However, at some point my internal “true voice” recognized I had “stinking thinking” going on. That voice decided to intervene by taking the short elevator ride from my gut to my heart to my head...